2018-19 VTV SHOWS

8/15/18-First day of school

8/29/18-VTV E Show 

8/30/18-New way of making announcements

8/31/18-First Friday Sports Showcase

9/4/18-Announcement Show

9/5/18-HF Rapper "Paytoe" debut

9/6/18-Homecoming Spirit Week

9/10/18-Manic Monday Show

9/17/18-Manic Monday Show-1st Radio Show of the Week

9/18/18-Announcement Show

9/20/18-Thursday Amped Up Show

9/21/18-Get to know the Kedzie Krazies!

9/24/18-Special Olympics

9/25/18-Family Feud

9/26/18-Finish the lyrics!

9/27/18-Thursday Amped Up Show

9/28/18-Cross Country's first meet in over 15 years

10/1/18-Akeela and the Bee

10/2/18-Announcement Show

10/4/18-National Animal Day

10/3/18-Weird Talents

10/5/18-Girls Volleyball visit to Serena Hills

10/9/18-Fast Money

10/11/18-Announcement Show

10/12/18-Coach Venegas plays in practice

10/15/18-Manic Monday Show

10/17/18-VTV E Show

10/18/18-VTV show beef begins

10/19/18-Girls Volleyball team hosts

10/22/18-Jalen Robinson film opportunity

10/23/18-Unity Day

10/24/18-Halloween pickup lines

9/21/18-Gameday Live

10/30/18-Principal Announcement


11/5/18-The Kodi Initiative

11/6/18-Fast Money

11/7/18- DECA promo

11/9/18-VTV Versus

11/10/18-Unity Day

11/12/18-Veteran's Day

11/13/18-Premiere of Tell It Like It Is

11/15/18-Speech team segment

11/19/18-Coach Appreciation

11/26/18-Lip Sync solo act voting info

11/27/18-Fast Money

11/28/18-HF Style

11/29/18-Right Way vs. Wrong Way

11/30/18-Black Friday

12/3/18-The Big Chop

12/4/18-Telling it like it is

12/10/18-Lipsync Show

1/10/19-Announcement show

1/11/19-Pursuing the Dream

1/14/19-Track season begins

1/15/19-Student Feature: Jadon Smith

1/16/19-Fast Money: Judah defeated

1/17/19-Turnabout advice

1/18/19-Are you better than Cody Parkey?

1/22/19-Announcement Show

1/23/19-Fast Money

1/24/19-Governement shutdown

1/28/19-Wrestling team named 'Team of the Week' by NBC Sports Chicago

1/29/19-Bracing the Cold

2/1/19-Turnabout with Kora

2/4/19-Speech team

2/5/19-Teacher Takeover

2/6/19-Telling It Like It Is

2/7/19-Cinematic Connoisseur

2/8/19-Recycling Tips 

2/11/19-Girls Basketball Playoffs

2/12/19-Egg Challenge

2/13/19-Kora's Turnabout Dates

2/14/19-Valentines Day Show

2/15/19-Students in Armed Forces

2/22/19-Unified Basketball goes to state

2/25/19-Kora's Turnabout

2/26/19-Snowed In

2/27/19-Word of Mouth


3/1/19-Girls hoops

3/6/19-Debate to Nationals

3/7/19-New pool

3/8/19-IT Factor Finale

3/11/19-Scholastic Bowl 

3/12/19-Music in our Schools

3/13/19-Student state projects

3/15/19-Boys Basketball season closer

3/18/19-Debate team

3/19/19-GI to state

3/20/19- Winner of IT Factor Announced

3/21/19-Career Fair

4/2/19-Telling it Like it Is

4/3/19-Student music video

4/4/19-Prom Contest info

4/5/19-Rock N' Respect

4/8/19-Spring break trips

4/10/19-Important dates for seniors

4/11/19-Prom contest info

4/12/19-New baseball coach

4/16/19-Prom rules & regulations

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