VTV grabs awards all across Midwest!


(1st Place winners will advance to National Contest)

1st Place - Radio Prepared Report - “Surrogacy” - Kelly VanEtten

1st Place - Video News Story - “MLK Day” - Josie Bachus

1st Place - Video Feature Story - “Food Truck” - Lilly Donkel & Caroline Johnson

1st Place - Video Sports Story - “Overcoming Injury” - Jalen Robinson

2nd Place - Radio Prepared Report - “Youth Baseball” - Devin Gorton

2nd Place - Newscast - “The VTV Show” - Zac Lueder

2nd Place - Video News Story - “Speech Team” - Jaelyn White & Jonathan Kriarikis

2nd Place - Video Sports Story - “Viking Racing” - Zac Lueder

3rd Place - Video News Story - “Powerful Lunch” - Kayla Norris

H.M. - Radio Interview - “Off Topic” - Caroline Johnson, Lilly Donkel & Kelly VanEtten


National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (N.A.T.A.S.)

Cystal Pillar Winners (will advance to National Contest)

Josie Bachus - Public Affairs & Community Service - “MLK Day”

Zac Lueder/Luke Venegas/Kenneth Powell - Sports - “Viking Racing”

Zac Lueder - Magazine - “The VTV Show”

Jalen Robinson - Arts & Entertainment/Cultural Affairs - “From Terror Town to Nike Town”


Midwest Media Educators Association (MMEA)

1st Place - Music Video - Jazz Jubalani, Juliette Benjamin, Jessica Lyseng - “You Should See Me in  Crown”

2nd Place - Documentary - Jacob Goldberg - “Upstanders”

2nd Place - Natural Audio News - Zac Lueder, Kenneth Powell, Luke Venegas - “Viking Racing”

3rd Place - PSA - Jacob Goldberg, Ben Hamer - “Put it Down”

3rd Place - Movie Trailer - Jaelyn White, Caroline Johnson - “The Guilt”

3rd Place - Dramatic Narrative - Kenneth Powell, Luke Venegas - “When Doves Fall”

3rd Place - Live Sports Coverage - Zac Lueder - “Viking Basketball vs. Lockport”

3rd Place - Sports Program - Donald Crocker - “PTI Sports”

4th Place - News Package - Josie Bachus - “MLK Day”

4th Place - Documentary - Jalen Robinson - “From Terror Town to Nike Town”

5th Place - Music Video - Ben Turnquest, Ari Sline - “Valerie”



1st Place - News Story - “Viking Racing” - Zac Lueder, Kenneth Powell, Luke Venegas

3rd Place - Long Documentary - “Surviving Chicago” - Jahkeema Kimbrough

3rd Place - Music Video - Emily Munse - “Fake Flowers”

3rd Place - Short Documentary - “Updstanders” - Jacob Goldberg

3rd Place - News Story - “Speech Team” - Jaelyn White, Jonathan Kriarikis

Finalist - Short Narrative - “When Doves Fall” - Luke Venegas, Kenneth Powell

Finalist - Short Documentary - “From Terror Town to Nike Town” - Jalen Robinson

Finalist - PSA- “Put It Down” - Jacob Goldberg, Ben Hamer

Finalist - Comedy - “Bias” - Jacob Goldberg, Devin Goldberg

Jacob Goldberg & Ben Hamer
Jacob Goldberg & Ben Hamer

3rd Place Commercial

Jacob Goldberg
Jacob Goldberg

2nd Place Documentary

Jalen Robinson
Jalen Robinson

Crystal Pillar & 4th Place Documentary

Donald Crocker & Josie Bachus
Donald Crocker & Josie Bachus

3rd Place Sports Program & Crystal Pillar for Public Affairs

Zac Lueder
Zac Lueder

Crystal Pillar & 3rd Place Live Sports

Kenneth Powell, Luke Venegas, Zac Lu
Kenneth Powell, Luke Venegas, Zac Lu

Crystal Pillar Sports & 2nd Place Natural Audio News

Juliette Benjamin, Jessica Lyseng, J
Juliette Benjamin, Jessica Lyseng, J

1st Place Music Video

Jaelyn White
Jaelyn White

3rd Place Movie Trailer

Ben Turnquest, Ari Sline
Ben Turnquest, Ari Sline

5th Place Music Video