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Production class creates Music Videos

"A Million Dreams"

by Olivia Sowacke and Chloe Castady

"Come Out and Play"

by Gianna Smith

"One Way or Another"

by Eliana D'astici

"Flagpole Sitta"

by Max Cichon

"Gossip Girl"

by Jackie Klupchak


by Cameron Carter

"XO Tour Life"

by Ira McKenzie

"Going to California"

by Ben Hilgen & Remi Kasali


by Iesha Brown

"Walkin' on a Dream"

by Joe Sullivan & Austin Smailes

"Last Christmas

by Emma Murphy


by Laura Zapata & Kendall Ryan

"Don't you worry 'bout a thing"

by Kristian Bronson


by Ben Turnquest & Ari Sline

"This Will be the Day"

by Christian McCline

"Willing to Forgive"

by Ethan Eisenberg & Kayla Spight

"Sweet but Psycho"

by Jailah Clayton


by Aniyah Askew


by Braeden Short

"Miss Independent"

by Jalen Duffin & Kenny Jarret

"We are the Champions"

by Ben Palanca

"All of the Lights"

by Cameron Davis and Kalen Williams

"If You Let Me"

by Kyla Carter & Kelsey West

"When I See You"

by Kaitlyn Jackson & Cheyenne Walton

"Never Say Never"

by Galien Coupet


by Miguel Garcia & Rocky Clayton

"Simple Man"

by Liam Bertz


by Rocky Clayton & Miguel Garcia


by Jalen Mays

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