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VBC Shines at Various Contests

Since 2012, the VBC has been lucky enough to compete at a number of Video and Radio contests both at the state and national level.

In those years, they have won 71 Awards in a number of categories!

Click below to see all of the awards and who won them throughout the years here at the VBC!

VTV & Film win 10 Awards at State!

The Media classes at HF combined to win 10 Awards at the MMEA State Video Festival, including 4 first-place awards- the most of any school in the contest. 

Check out all the winners!

Comedic Narrative-  1st Place- Getting A Job by Jason Ward


Documentary- 2nd Place- Homewood Baseball by Jason Ward


Documentary- 5th Place- Black in America by Tori Wright


Dramatic Narrative- 3rd Place- The Gift of the Stars by Adam Freeman


Dramatic Narrative- 5th Place- Sleepless Night by Ben Turnquest


Live Event Sports Coverage- 2nd Place- Gymnastics vs. Andrew by Jackie Klupchak & Joe Sullivan


Live Event Sports Coverage- 1st Place- Basketball vs. Lockport by Olivia Sowacke & Gianna Smith & Jotham Israel


Movie Trailer- 1st Place- Finding Innocence by Ben Turnquest and Eliana D'Astici


Movie Trailer- 2nd Place- The Most Devine by Joe Sullivan, Chloe Castady and Adam Freeman


Music Video- 1st Place- Lovely by Layla LaNier

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